• Helping Early Stage Companies Post Incubator or Accelerator
    Potential.co.uk has been established to help online companies in the early stages of development. There are many incubators and accelerators in the UK who will assist a company with very intensive help over a short period of time. But at the end of this period what happens? Normally a start up has to look after themselves. The concept of Potential.co.uk is to continue where an incubator/accelerator finishes. Thus we can offer gentle mentoring, assistance, guidance on raising money and even direct financial support in some cases.
  • Responsible for 100's of millions in online sales
    Our track record suggests we are pretty good at this, take a look at what we do and you will see that we can offer you guidance and support that could mean the difference between your success or your failure online.
  • Investing
    Whether its financial investment you need or simply guidance we can offer you both forms of support. We have the ability to raise finance for all sizes of projects and the staff to offer you assistance as a mentor to help guide you through the various aspects of the world of online start ups. Get in touch and see if we can help you move your idea forward together.
  • Advising
    Why make the mistakes other ventures make, talk to us and we can advise you of the pitfalls of an online start up and offer you the guidance you need to grow online. Our years of experience in the industry mean that we have probably encountered, and in most cases overcome, the majority of the issues you are currently facing that at present seem to be a barrier too large to knock down. With our help and guidance we are confident that these barriers will no longer seem significant.
  • Disruptive
    Characterised by unrest or disorder - we like to be different

    We like to challenge conformity, who wants to be a drone? We look at things from way outside the box and our working environment is set out to bring the best out of peoples creative natures. If you wanted to clock in and out, deal with the same issues, tick boxes and update figures all day you wouldnt have chosen to work online. Come and see us, you just might find what you are looking for.
  • Fun
    If you dont want to have fun why would you have chosen to work online? We are no different and see having fun as an imperative ingredient to a successful online venture. Our office would appear to be more of a drop in centre for stray youths with the array of boys toys and gadgets floating around the place but we believe that when people are relaxed they are at their most creative. Give people guidelines and strict targets and they become stifled by the pressure, we are all adults and we all know what we are working towards so why not have fun along the way?
How it works
Grasp an Idea

You have had your eureka moment and the concept of a potentially successful online business has planted its seed in your mind. You work on the concept until you have a direction and a plan that you feel confidence in so that you may take it to the incubator/accelerator of your choice to raise the initial round of funding and look for suitable guidance to get you off the ground.

Incubation or Acceleration
What happens?

Your incubator/accelerator has provided you with a pre-seed funding, 3 months office space rent free and access to some great mentors. You hope that the process has been a fusion of your vision and the mentoring skills of some influential players in the online space. There has hopefully been an exchange of experiences with other start ups and mentors alike and the process has helped to move your concept forward from being just a bright idea to being an attractive and financially viable opportunity that will attract further investment.

Next Level
Where To Turn?

What happens when you have to take the Baby home from Hospital? Who can offer you the guidance based on real life experiences of turning start up's into a roaring success online? Take a look at our portfolio and I think you will agree that we can. With years of experience in the industry we have established relationships with market leading decision makers, influential and inspiring guys & girls within the game who can help your business arrive at its desired destination. Enough talk though, for further evidence of some site we got right take a look at carrentals.co.uk or discountvouchers.co.uk, both of which are now hugely successful in their sectors and turn over hundreds of millions in sales a year.